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The Griz

The Griz is a versatile accessory that was designed by Portsmouth (NH) Firefighter Tim Griswold, and released in April of 2017.  It can be clipped anywhere that you may need it.  It's main design is to attach to your stitched mic loop on your fire coat, but it can clip anywhere that it can get a grip.  Once in place, you simply clip your remote speaker mic to The Griz and now you have more flexibility in your mic.  You are able to lift the mic up to make clearer transmitions and move it closer to your ear to receive messages better.  There is even a keyring attached at the bottom should you choose to keep those fire alarm key handy and not buried in your pockets.  The Griz works with radios in the "radio pocket" on the coat, or with one of our Radio Straps worn under the coat.  If you use the under coat method, you now have a flexible and secure location to keep that mic.

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